How to Find a Job Online? 10 Simple Job Hunting Tips

by | Dec 24, 2019

How to Find a Job Online? 10 Simple Job Hunting Tips

Here we are going to get the answer to the question of how to Find a Job Online? We have collected some sure Online Job Hunting Tips

What is online job hunting?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when graduation is over,


everyone wants to go in a direction to pursue their career in any direction he/she desires.

If you have connections and networks you can easily find a job.

but unfortunately, if you don’t have these connections then you first start finding jobs manually.

For this, you’ll have to drop CVs everywhere by going here and there in different companies and some would not even look at your CVs and you will be disappointed.


in this era of modern technology, finding jobs online is very convenient. There are tons of websites that are only for jobs and they are updated. Every time new jobs appear on these sites employers briefly describe what positions they have and what are their requirements for their companies and what type of candidate they are looking for the post their company offers.

How to Find a Job Online?

How to Find a Job Online?
How to Find a Job Online?

How to Find a Job Online?

So, you will start by searching online.

for example, if you have done civil engineering, you will search/google “JOBS FOR CIVIL ENGINEERS” 

You will see many websites with jobs for your specific criteria.

You will then go to the site and select the job that suits you best and apply it from the site.

Search Job here

usually, these types of websites ask for a CV and some more basic details such as name, phone number or email, etc. If you don’t have a CV then we have a step by step guide for you building simple CV/Resume;

How to Write a CV or Resume? Here’s a Step by Step Guide

Moreover, these sites help you make one on their sight by filling some basic info,

Such as,

  • personal Bio-data
  • where did you complete your study
  • what are your qualifications
  • any type of previous job experiences if you have
  • then they also ask for the time period you have worked for
  • and what was your post there
  • hobbies / interests/
  • Certificates
  • etc

then, after filling everything they tell you, your job application is sent to the employer.

If he finds you fit for the subject post/job, you will be called for an interview scheduled by the employer. Here is complete interview preparation Tips and guidance for you;

If you don’t have any job experiences some employers also mention that freshers can also apply. They train you for a while and after the training is completed then the employers hire you permanently or by a contract, it depends on the company which hires you. These sites have jobs for every category even government jobs are also posted there, but their application procedure is different. They usually conduct tests and employ the finest of them all.

Different ways to find a job?

Now, how to find a job online or offline / manually is not a difficult question. There are endless ways to find jobs like newspaper ads, flyers posted on walls around town places billboards. Moreover, you can go find jobs by taking your CVs and visit corporations and company’s which hires people of your qualifications and skills.

But, how to find a job online has a broad spectrum. Not only you can search for jobs on google by visiting legitimate websites for jobs but also on Facebook as being the biggest social media platform. There are many pages and groups that are all about new jobs and you just mail them your CV or go to their offices for them to interview you.

Job search strategies 2020?

So, what are the strategies to find jobs?

It’s obvious you will search for jobs that are around you i.e. in your own town or city to save the trouble of traveling far for your job daily. So, your search by typing the jobs you want to be followed by the words “around me” that way the jobs that will come up will be of your area, which will be very convenient for you.

Always apply for jobs that are posted recently. Because, if the jobs are posted fr example a week ago, many people would have applied for that. So, experience says, it would be a waste of time if u apply for that job. Because it’s possible that the employer would have hired someone already “the early bird catches the worm” and be that early bird.

Can’t Find a Job! here’re 10 Best Job Searching Sites

If you are looking for jobs online, make sure it’s from a legitimate website or if it’s on Facebook then it is a legit Facebook page or group. Basically you need to make sure the source of the job is legit.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to limit your sites on which you apply for jobs. Different types of sites will offer you different types of jobs with different types of pay scales and from different companies. Each company has its own policies.

So, find the one that suits you the best by doing so you can get so many job opportunities for a better career. Say if you start a search for your job you should start by telling the people you know about the jobs that you know will find you one. Search for companies you like and would prefer to work for just look up their website and see if they have a job opening and apply.

The main strategy in finding a job would be patience lots and lots of it. The thing is don’t rush into the first job you see do you research and look for everything because who knows there might be a job there that would form your career.

Don’t rush into stuff, keep looking and applying everywhere. There is no harm in applying to different companies. Just do the job that you will love, because, only in that way you can form your career. Always go for companies that will offer career opportunities because career building is everything no one would want to stick themselves in one position for a lifetime.

The worst time of the year to find a job?

Speaking in terms of career building, there is no bad time for finding a job. If you have no work at all but some times of the year that are near holidays are not the best time to find jobs. It is because these times are when there is no motivation and people are often lazy so there is often no work or little work. So, companies don’t see the need for more people. These times are mostly summer holidays and the end of the year when people are planning vacations.

so they are not entirely motivated or focused on their work but because of these things it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to apply at all, there is no loss in applying because there would be a company out there with needs of people or workforce.

Highest paying jobs?

Online sites that offer jobs mostly show what pay they are offering. if the companies think that they have a handsome salary package also their other things insurance or paid holidays etc they do mention them in their job ads because in this way they can attract people to apply. The job that a person wants always depends on him/her because they know what skills they have and what type of job they want and with experienced people they always look for companies that are offering more pay than of which they are currently working in.

Basically, all of this depends on the skillset that you will offer. So it is up to you to choose the jobs with the highest pay if you meet their requirements but don’t push your luck in jobs that require something you don’t have. Even If they are paying high pay if you don’t have the skills that are required for that job, you will just be wasting your time on it.

Can’t Find a Job! here’re 10 Best Job Searching Sites

Free job alert

So you are finding jobs online but every time new job alert pops up you want to be notified about them. These online job sites have these services they will give you free job alerts in two ways:

  1. They will ask you to subscribe to their newsletter so they can send you alerts on your mail and you can get informed every time a new job comes.
  2. But if you are the type who doesn’t check their mails some websites give free job alerts on your mobile phones via text messages you just have to give them your mobile number for this (obviously) so they can send you alerts.

Fresh graduates?

You are a fresh graduate and looking for a career opportunity but all the jobs you come across on ads everywhere have the line “3 years or 5 years’ experience required” in the specific field so you wonder how to get that experience?

The answer is simple those jobs just aren’t for you see the jobs that require experience are for people that have that experience you would have better skills but in order to polish them requires time but fear not there are ad of jobs that mention that they are looking for fresher’s at first they will pay you less than they would pay more to a person with experience.

These companies will teach you how to use those skills in the market or how to work in an office environment from time to time you will become experienced and you pay will increase and you might get promoted but experience in the field is crucial always.


Internet is like a playground for scammers and online Jobs to have scams in them you just have to see few things suppose you find or come across a job on a website you have to see if they mention the name of their company google the company name and find out if it’s legit or not and see if the company does really exists or the employer is just a fraud a simple way is that seeing the employer on the website lookup his info or see his reviews google the company name and see their reviews as well same goes for Facebook.

If the page or the guy in the jobs 2019 group your friend added you in is a professional employ or not or the simple way is never give money to someone for their interview no matter how much of a good company they seem because they will interview you and take money then don’t call you ever so be aware of them just simply find jobs on legitimate websites which are famous for online jobs and stuff.

Job finding Tips / How to Find a Job Online?

How to Find a Job Online is not an unsolvable question nowadays. So, I will give you a few tips that will help you 100% How to Find a Job Online?

  • Find a job that you know you are eligible for because applying for jobs that are not for you that are not of your field is completely pointless and a waste of time and also don’t apply for jobs for which u are overqualified for because you will be appointed and you won’t get as much career options so never underestimate nor overestimate yourself (Pro tip).
  • Be patient because good things take time so do careers don’t expect too much and rush into things and hope that it will just work out because in this era of competition you have to be good at the stuff you do everyone has special skills find yours and use them.
  • Go into interviews prepared because you might be perfect for the job but u forgot to prepare the interview or didn’t think you need to remember the first impression is the last impression you need to be confident and expect questions for them and answer them with confidence who knows you could be one interview away from forming a successful career.
  • Don’t worry about the pay if it’s moderate and you don’t have any other jobs don’t waste the opportunity avail it and gain the experience you can after gaining the experience and working hard you will get promoted otherwise the experience will be with you and could apply with that experience anywhere else so it’s a win-win.
  • Use keywords locations etc. and try to find jobs that are near you so you don’t have to face the trouble of traveling far to your job every day and being late for work.

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