How to Make an ATS Resume Format easily in 2020

by | Dec 7, 2019

ATS Resume Format Tips

Before building a CV/resume, knowing about the resume format is very important. It is important to know How to Make an ATS Resume Format. The purpose of your CV or resume is to tell a short, simple and stunning story about who you are, what are your achievements and what are your goals. A good story can better impress recruiters, a perfect resume shows off your assessment, It help recruiters make the decision in seconds selecting you as a future employee. Moreover, a perfect resume can easily pass over the ATS (applicant tracking systems).

But the question is, which resume format is perfect?

Here, we have collected some simple tips for you to format a resume.

Resume Page Format

  • Set page margins one inch on all sides.
  • Set line spacing 1.0 – 1.15
  • Set font size 10 – 12 points
  • Pick a good font, there is no need to use decorative fonts that are difficult to read. Fonts like Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Times New Roman are best.
  • Make clear headings, the section headings can be a little larger and bolded.
  • Divide your CV into understandable sections, see here
  • Use Reverse chronological resume format.
  • Be uniform during writing headings, giving bullets. For example, if you show one skill/certificate/award/org in italics or bold, every skill/certificate/award/org name must be in italics and bold with the same bullets.
  • Proofreading; Must check spelling, grammar, tenses, and other possible mistakes
  • Save your CV in PDF to keep your intact formatting.

General Resume Format Setting

These are the extra data collected from our professionals for Resume format. One mustn’t essentially follow these points, however knowing this data could have a sensible impact on skilled resume writing.

  • CV Length is important, 2 pages in length are perfect. Generally, resumes are one page long and CVs are more than one page long.
  • Sentences can help minimize word usage. 
  • Keep your CV simple, no need to use logos, backgrounds, and graphs.
  • Don’t waste page space, Reduce page margins.
  • Minimize contact details to manage space in upper section.
  • If you maintain a decent LinkedIn profile don’t hesitate to add your profile URL.

ATS Resume Format

According to researches, about 70 – 75% of CVs / resumes certainly not reach the human eye. It’s because most of the large corporations use Applicant Tracking Software which is in short called “ATS”, a resume checking software.


Make sure that your resume or CV is ATS friendly. Here, we have collected some important points to make an ATS Resume Format;

  • Put your Contact Information in the upper area of your CV / Resume but Avoid placing in the header or footer.
  • Keep your Resume Simple and Avoid decorative graphics and pictures.
  • Use the correct keywords to optimize your resume, because ATS picks job and qualification related keywords
  • Use bullets to highlight the achievements and qualifications on your resume.
  • Spell check is very important, because, spelling mistakes are the death of your resume
  • And finally, after completing, save your resume in PDF format.
  • Copy all the contents and paste it into a text editor i.e. Notepad. See, if the text is not scrambled in the text editor, your resume is scan-able and ATS friendly.
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