How to Answer Interview Questions on tell me About Yourself

by | Feb 21, 2020

Interview questions on tell me about yourself

You just sat in front of an interviewer or interview panel/board. And you are asked “Tell me about yourself” this is what most of the interviewers start with. Interview questions on tell me about yourself are very important and are part of almost every job interview.

So, you should be mentally ready for Interview questions “tell me about yourself” if you are going for any type of interview. This question determines your choice and sometimes confirms your selection for the post.

How To Answer Interview Questions Tell Me About Yourself

Thus precisely build an announcement that elaborates your skills, strengths, achievements, expertise, and goals, through that the potential employers may simply be sure that you might be the best choice for them.

Don’t simply begin to narrate your story as a solution to the present question, simply be to the purpose and relevant.

Your response to the question “Tell me about yourself” can set a trend for the rest of your interview. Craft a purposeful story about yourself, your achievements and abilities connecting to the current job requirements and present it in not more than two minutes.

Here are some important points you must read;

1. From Where to Start…..

The start is very important, you are confused, from where should I start my answer to Interview Questions on Tell Me About Yourself? When responding to the question “Tell me about yourself”, start with some interesting personal aspects.

After a short personal start, initiate your career story with “how you started working in this field” with a brief but concise walkthrough of your relevant experiences in this field. 

If you just started your career and you are a fresh graduate, start your answer with the fact that you are a newly graduated beginner, you choose this field due to………….. Give a solid reason.

2. Describe Position Related Experience and Your Achievements

Highlight your skills related to the job requirement for which you are being interviewed. Better you go according to the job description. Share your achievements in this regard and tell how your skills are beneficial for the required job. Moreover, you can also highlight your volunteer work if any, especially in the case, you are a beginner.

3. Show up your Abilities with Examples

Scripting an example, try to use some figures and facts especially describing the future outputs, “for example we can decrease the expenditures of something 5 – 10 % by doing so and so… etc.”

4. Share Your Strength and Highlight your most related expertise

Must highlight your strength and relate it to the job requirements. Clearly describe, how your qualities are beneficial for the position.

Share three or four most related personal qualities and areas of expertise supporting the position. Make a list of qualities before the interview and prepare well according to the description of the job. Choose some most related qualities from the list and prepare them for an interview.

5. Tell about your personality

Share your personality with the interviewer, it will be easy for him to know about you. No need to tell personal details in a question. Here are some points you can mention in this part

  • Personal Achievement
  • Skill enhancement (Learning a new skill or planning to learn new things)
  • Pieces of training
  • Your Hobbies
  • Community Engagement and Social activities in free time
  • Interests (Reading, Music….)
  • Sports (Training, Attachment, Support…)
  • Volunteering

6. How to End-Up Your Answer

Finally, end up by turning your story towards your current situation.

How to Answer Interview Questions on tell me About Yourself 1

DO’s AND DON’Ts Answering Interview Questions on Tell me About Yourself

Here are some DO’s and Don’ts you must read before answering Interview questions on tell me about yourself


  • Carefully read the job description
  • Well prepare your qualities, abilities, strength, expertise, skills, experiences, training, volunteer works related to the job description
  • Highlight your personality in professional manners.
  • Connect all the above qualities to supporting examples and prepare them.
  • Connect your past experiences with the current requirements mentioned in the job description
  • Do a deep research and must prepare the answers of the following questions before appearing in any job interview
  • Why you are interested in this job position?
  • Why are you interested to join this company?
  • Be honest during your answers.
  • Positively highlight your interests, hobbies, social activities, and community involvement.


  • Don’t share information excessively. Too little or too much information, both are not good, be moderate in your responses because the interviewer doesn’t have time to listen to everything about you or don’t make him able to think why you are not opening before him.
  • Don’t just read your resume word by word in front of the interviewer, he has already seen your resume.
  • Don’t tell long and irrelevant stories to the interviewer.
  • Don’t talk about things that may affect your job priorities. For example hobbies or interests that conflict your job routine.
  • Don’t discuss salary and future roles in the company answering this question, keep this discussion save for the final part of the interview
  • Avoid religious or political subjects.
  • Don’t discuss unnecessary personal information about your family (spouse, children, etc.)
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Team Intrview-Art


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