How To Write A Perfect Job Interview Follow Up Email, A Step By Step Guide

by | Feb 9, 2020

Job Interview Follow Up Email

You composed a perfect CV/resume – you became successful in job hunting, and you appeared in a job interview.

Now, it’s time to send a job interview follow up email.

The post-interview follow up email is just one of the marketing tools an applicant can use to catch the attention of employers. While most candidates know the art of gratitude demonstration in a job interview follow up email to hiring managers but not all put into practice.

For a candidate – after a job interview – it’s important to follow the interview and interviewers to show his visibility and interest among hiring managers. Moreover – in the hiring process – employers probably can forget or misplace a candidate, and in such a case, a follow-up email will definitely remind them of your existence.

For your ease, we have divided the process of crafting a job interview follow up email into two parts.

  • General Writing Tips
  • Format Tips, Step by Step

General Writing Tips – Job Interview Follow Up Email

Here are some important points you must keep in mind before writing a job interview follow up email;

  • Write interview follow up email within 24 hours after the job interview
  • Write a clear subject of the email
  • Demonstrate gratitude to hiring managers for his/her time & consideration
  • Emphasize your interest in the job opportunity
  • Try to show that you are a professional, skilled and organized job candidate
  • Try to prove that you are suitable for this job/company
  • Clearly write your email, contact, address, etc.

Short and To the Point

Job interview follow up email should be short and to the point. Most of the employers / hiring managers are busy people and they don’t have time to read lengthy emails. Most business owners like short & to the point emails. The email should not be lengthy in any respect like selling the whole store to one customer. It should clearly identify in possible short words that how suitable and pleased you are for the opportunity. Don’t repeat things/ideas. Thoroughgoing, sum up your email in four sentences or maximum in five sentences.

Be Professional

Always show that you are skilled and suitable for this job. Use professional tone in job interview follow up email. Being professional could possibly be more favorable for you.

Be Brief

Be brief when writing follow up email, tell the detail about the topic and start with the most important first.

Be Polite

Be polite and kind in your writing. Even if the interview didn’t go as good as you would’ve wished, you should be well-mannered in your email writing, this could probably help you sell yourself as the perfect choice for the job opportunity.

Follow up Email Format Guide, Step by Step

Now that you know how to write an email, here are some tips on where to write what. For your ease, we divide the email format into 8 parts;

  1. (From) Sender’s Name
  2. (To) Hiring Manager’s Name
  3. Subject
  4. Salutation / Greetings
  5. Body
  6. Email Closing lines
  7. Sign offs or Complimentary Closings
  8. Signature Block


1. From: [Senders Information]

2. To: [Receiver’s Information]

3. Subject Line of Email Message: [Following up on an interview….. or Thank you …….]

4. Salutation: Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name or Dear Hiring Manager

5. Body

Paragraph # 1
Start your email with a positive statement, one sentence (say thank you for something?). Your 2nd sentence should include information on why you are writing. Be concise, clear and direct, mention the job title and interview.
Paragraph # 2
2nd paragraph of your email body should describe what you want/offer the employer, what type of help or assistance you are seeking. Include the reason why you are the best fit for this job.

6. Email Closing Lines:
Conclude your email by thanking the employer for considering you for the position or simply write “Thank you for your time and consideration.”

7. Sign offs: Yours sincerely/ best regards

8. Email Signature:

[Name] & [sign]

1. (From) Sender’s Name

You can write your name at the top left, but personally I don’t recommend, email should be started with “2. (To) Hiring Manager’s Name.”

However, if it is necessary to write Contact info, write following info;

  • [Your Name]
  • [Your Address]
  • [Your City, State (Zip Code – optional)]
  • [Your Email Address]
  • [Your Contact Number]
How To Write A Perfect Job Interview Follow Up Email, A Step By Step Guide 1

Date: write Date in the next line after the sender’s contact information

2. (To) Hiring Manager’s Name

Write the following information of receiver;

  • [Name]
  • [Title]
  • [Company]
How To Write A Perfect Job Interview Follow Up Email, A Step By Step Guide 2

3. Subject

A good email has an effective subject line that catches the reader’s attention. The subject line should clearly indicate the purpose of writing an email because it is the very first thing your email recipient will read. So, the subject line must be clear and impressive.

  • Thank you for the opportunity……Mr. Smith,[Hiring Manager’s Name]
  • Pleasure to learn more about…..KR industries[Company Name]
  • Interview with Dr. John for the Sales Manager job
  • It was a pleasure to talk about the….. Sales Administrator job[the name of the job position] with……AK Pvt Ltd[Company Name]
  • Following up on an interview for …… Sales Manager[the name of the job position]
How To Write A Perfect Job Interview Follow Up Email, A Step By Step Guide 3

4. Greetings / Salutation

In the email context, a salutation is a greeting. The most commonly used salutation in the English language is “Dear” and it is used in most of the situations. Usually, salutations are followed by the recipient’s name followed by a “comma” for a formal effect. Here are some suggestions;

  • Dear Dr. Dean,
  • Dear Sir,
  • Dear Madame,
  • Sir, /Madam,
  • To the Board of Directors,
  • [Name]
  • Hi…..[Name]
  • Hello…..[Name]
  • Dear …..[Name]
How To Write A Perfect Job Interview Follow Up Email, A Step By Step Guide 4

5. Body

Body of the email is actually the message you want to send

1. Start with a positive statement, it should be one-liner – e.g. say thank you for something?

2. State the purpose of the communication

3. State what you want/don’t want from the employer – which-when-where-how. You should be brief but simple and to the point.

4. State your importance for the post/company, your plans, etc. and why this is necessary

How To Write A Perfect Job Interview Follow Up Email, A Step By Step Guide 5

6. Email Closing Lines

The closing section of an email is very important and it should be like the punchline. End email with a positive statement e.g. say thank you for something? Here are some suggestions;

  • Thank you for your attention
  • Thank you for your kind cooperation.
  • Your cooperation is appreciated
  • Thank you once again
  • I look forward to hearing from you
  • Thank you for your time and consideration
  • Thank you for the time and courtesy extended me. I look forward to hearing from you soon
  • I’m looking forward to your reply
  • Your input is appreciated
  • Let me know if you need anything
How To Write A Perfect Job Interview Follow Up Email, A Step By Step Guide 6

7. Sign offs or Complimentary Closings

Your email complimentary closings / Signoff should contribute positively to your image.  Using “Dear” as an opening and “Yours” as closing is a formality. Mostly “Sincerely” or “Sincerely yours” is used as an email complimentary closings / Signoff. “Sincerely” means proceeding from genuine feelings or beliefs and “Sincerely yours” means that the person sending the correspondence (and information presented in email) is reliable and trustworthy.

Whether you use “Sincerely Yours” or “Yours Sincerely” as closing, it depends on the area/country you live in. Americans use “Sincerely” & “Sincerely yours” and British use “Yours sincerely”.

However, If you are British then one thing keep in mind that you can only use “Yours sincerely” as a closing if you have previously met (or corresponded with) the person you writing email. If you are writing the email to someone you don’t know personally, British English favors “Yours faithfully” or some other formal expression. [for detailed information about sign-offs, read this article on Grammerly]

Besides “Sincerely”, “Sincerely yours” you can also send your emails with various other expressions and complimentary closings.

  • All My Best
  • Best
  • Best Regards
  • Best Wishes
  • Cordially
  • Faithfully
  • Goodbye
  • Kind regards
  • Looking Forward
  • Regards
  • Respectfully
  • Sending You the Best
  • Sincerely
  • Sincerely Yours
  • Speak With You Soon
  • Take Care
  • Warm Regards
  • Warm Wishes
  • Warmly
  • Wishing You a Wonderful Day
  • Yours
  • Yours Truly
How To Write A Perfect Job Interview Follow Up Email, A Step By Step Guide 7

8. Signature

These are the last words of your email, furnish your name with contact information. Your phone number and address are enough.

  • [Name]
  • [Contact details]

Note:- If contact detail is already written at the top then only use handwritten signatures otherwise Name & complete Contact detail.

How To Write A Perfect Job Interview Follow Up Email, A Step By Step Guide 8

Job Interview Follow Up Email Sample

K Miller
123 Street, ABC Town,
XYZ City, Zip Code
14 July 2019
John Smith
Director HR, ABC Technologies
Industrial Area, XYZ [City]
Dear Mr. Smith,
Thank you for taking the time to interview me for the post of…………. [Sales Manager] at…………….. [Company Name]. I enjoyed talking with you and………. [Interview panel / HR board] about this job opportunity during the interview.
I believe I would be a perfect choice for ………. [Sales Manager] position because ………………………… [Mention your experience/Last company, etc.] [I worked on a similar project in ABC technologies for …… (Duration)] [I worked part-time during my studies at XYZ University]

Thank you again for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. […..If you need any further information about me, please do not hesitate to contact me]

How To Write A Perfect Job Interview Follow Up Email, A Step By Step Guide 9
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Team Intrview-Art


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