Top 30 Job Interview Questions for Managers Post

by | Mar 22, 2020

Job Interview Questions for Managers

Job Interview Questions for Managers
Job Interview Questions for Managers

As you know the start of job Interview Questions for Managers would be with a common question tell me about your self or from basic introduction like name, asking some about the residential area, working experience one of the most important things that is checking the behavior. The following behavior-based job Interview Questions for Managers post are expected to be asked;

     1. Tell me about your work experience?

ANSWER: Here you have to share your work experience (I worked in …..Company for….. Years on the post…..)

     2. Describe the issue you faced in your previous job?

ANSWER: I mostly deal with my problem in cool manners and if something is difficult for me then I try to seek help from my colleague.

     3. Tell me some positive things about you?

               ANSWER: I like to work with a group

     4. Tell me some negative things about you?

               ANSWER: I am a lazy sort of person

     5. Tell me something about your management style?

            ANSWER: I worked with the team and everyone ordered to do work on time.

     6. How you handle the misunderstanding between your team members?

             ANSWER: Yes because to do work with misunderstanding can damage your output.

     7. How you try to manage the time of your project?

             ANSWER: I split my work and assigned different workers.

     8. What is success?

             ANSWER: to do your job with honesty is the success

     9. How would you give the maximum output about your work?

             ANSWER: I explain earlier I’ll split the work for better output.

     10. How you motivate people?

             ANSWER: little bit but I have the skill to motivate people

     11. Why should our team hire you as a manager?

            ANSWER: because I think I have the ability for this post

     12. How can you give maximum output as a manager?

            ANSWER: It will be possible only by the corporation.

     13. Tell me the time when you let the employee go?

            ANSWER: the stander time must be followed.   

     14. Give some details about the manager’s job?

             ANSWER: the manager task to hold project whatever assigned and give detailed work.

     15. Why did you apply for this position?

            ANSWER: I think I am the perfect choice for this job

     16. How much salary do you expect?

            ANSWER: …………………..I think it is slandered for this post

     17. Is there anyone else in your management team or you are alone?

              ANSWER: yes my team member

     18. Did you take your assigned work home?

             ANSWER: depend upon work

     19. How much time do you require for this……. project.

            ANSWER: 2 to 3 hours or you can say it depends on work

     20. Challenging things about being a manager to you?

            ANSWER: submit the task on time

     21. We have this salary package……..are you satisfied?

           ANSWER: yes

     22. As a manager, if you assigned some extra work will you do that?

           ANSWER: I will charge extra for extra work and it also depends upon the type of work.

    23. We have an agreement for this job are you o.k. with that?

            ANSWER: yes I agree to assign your agreement.

    24. Do you have any side business except it?

            ANSWER: not yet but I want to be part-time work.

    25. If you have, Can you leave it and give your full time in Management?

        (Sample answer: you need the best work what you assigned so it’s my problem to do work part-time so you don’t worry about that)

    26. Do you want to ask something about this job?

             ANSWER: Yes, I have some questions or no, I am clear wit that.

    27. Are you considering yourself a leader?

             ANSWER:  yes if someone other better than me then that person will be the leader

    28. Are you o.k. to do work with the female?

             ANSWER: yes I am o.k.

    29. If we hire you one thing you like to ask us?


    30. If someone in your team not o.k. with you then what will you do?

             ANSWER: I’ll discharge from the leadership.

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