How to Talk About Your Weakness in an Interview Question

by | Mar 2, 2020

How to Talk About Your Weakness in an Interview Question

What is weakness in job interview? asking weakness in an interview question is an unfair question in my opinion.  Asking a question like this, you are forcing the candidate to lie and manipulate his personality in such a way that his/her weakness looks like his/her strength.
All of us have some strengths and weaknesses, and this is a universal TRUTH. All we can do is, we can balance our weaknesses and strengths. This is actually a chance to put your negatives in a positive way.

Why Recruiters Ask About Your Weakness in an Interview Question

The purpose of asking this question is to get the following information

  • To get quick and true feedback from the candidate.
  • How sincere the candidate is.
  • How quickly you manage the “unusual situations”.
  • How you think about yourself
  • How you address the interviewer

Guidelines for Telling “Weakness in an Interview Question”

There are a few guidelines you should follow when answering the question What is your greatest weakness:

  • Make a list of your weaknesses
  • Prepare 2 or 3 most related weaknesses before every job interview.
  • You definitely have some weaknesses, try to choose wisely from your them and state them clearly.
  • Be honest about the weakness and pick a real one.
  • Pick weakness which won’t affect you succeeding in the job, it should not affect your performance in the company. For example “I can’t perform well without alcohol!”
  • When you show your weakness try to convert it into your positive aspect.
  • Don’t try to be Mr. Perfect. For example “I don’t rest until I see the task completed!”
  • After describing each weakness, Assure the hiring manager that you are working on improving the weakness (skill).
  • .Be moderate, don’t be arrogant, and at the same time, don’t underestimate yourself.
  • It’s better to show weakness related to skills rather than personality for example “I don’t have good skills in software coding…etc.”
  • Be sure that weakness you are showing is relevant to the job and it’s not a vital part of the job.
  • Honesty is the best policy but it doesn’t mean you have to say each and everything about you.
  • Avoid telling weaknesses like Destructive, Violent, Unreliable, Dishonest, Angry, Cruel, Lazy, Moody

Weaknesses List (With Sample Answer)

Before mentioning skills as your weakness, be sure that it is not a skill essential for the job. It’s better you choose the skill which is easy to learn because you can easily convince the interviewer that you are currently working on that skill or you are planning to develop that.

Weakness in an Interview Question
Weakness in an Interview Question

Here are some example of weaknesses with sample answers

I Am Naturally Shy

Little shyness in my personality prevented me from speaking up from my school days and even in my early professional career.

Now with the professional experiences and job routines in the last few years, I worked in this area of weakness, got coaching….. To overcome my shyness.

I Can’t Say ‘No’ When Someone Asks Me for Help

I can’t say no when someone asks me for help even if I’m not in the position to help. Because of this, sometimes people get a disadvantage of this which gives me low feelings sometimes. 

I believe that I can resolve any issue on my own. 

I believe by default, I can resolve all issues on my own. Sometimes this works fine, but I need the help of others in many cases to overcome these issues. Now I’m trying to overcome this weakness.

I’m not good in a particular…… (Skill)

You can highlight a particular hard skill or soft skill here.

Here is a list of weaknesses you can choose from the list.

  • A bit short-tempered
  • Assigning tasks
  • Being overly involved in extra co-curricular activities
  • Being too detail-oriented
  • Being too much of a perfectionist some times
  • Believing in others too early
  • I cannot keep anything hiding.
  • Careless Sometimes
  • Covering for colleagues
  • Don’t bother deadlines sometimes
  • Expecting too much from co-workers
  • Falling for others too early
  • have trouble asking for help
  • Have trouble saying “no.”
  • I lack Creativeness
  • I’m not good in a particular language….. (maybe a foreign language)
  • I’m not good in a particular software
  • I’m not good in a particular software or Advanced Mathematics
  • I’m not good at creative writing
  • I’m not good at grammar, spelling, etc
  • lack confidence sometimes
  • Lack of Humor
  • Lack of written communication
  • Lack of Patience sometimes
  • Lack of Verbal communication
  • Lacking in Team leadership
  • Lacking Public speaking
  • Lacking self-control
  • Lacking vision and thinking ahead
  • Leaving projects unfinished
  • Less dedication sometimes,
  • Little bit emotional
  • little critical of other’s work
  • lose patience when tasks run beyond the deadline
  • Losing focus sometimes,
  • Losing hope too soon,
  • maintaining a healthy work/life balance
  • Multitasking, working on too many projects at one time
  • Not a good conversation starter
  • Not optimistic always
  • Not thinking for myself always, mostly thinking about others.
  • Not time bounded
  • Not very strict about anything or situation
  • overthinking on problems
  • Providing lengthy reports with too many details
  • Spending too much time on assignments
  • Struggled in a particular academic Coursework
  • Take too many risks
  • Taking credit for group projects
  • Taking on too much responsibility
  • Too much detail-oriented
  • Too open to everyone
  • Too sensitive
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